Please submit your workshop proposal before end of day on Friday, March 23, 2018. 


Workshops being proposed for the 2018 Regional Working Sessions must meet the following requirements:

  • The workshop must align to at least one Strategic Pillar from Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Vision 2020 (Increasing Our Impact, Amplifying Our Voice, Strengthening Our Leadership, Enhancing Our Sustainability)
  • The workshop must remain within the 60 minute timeslot

PLEASE NOTE: Workshops can be presented at more than one regional event but you must check all regions in which you wish to present on your application form. Workshops for all regions are determined independently, and you may not be selected for all the regions you have selected.

Review the full Regional Conventions 2018 Request for Proposals package prior to your submission.


While we are unable to pay workshop presenters participating in the 2018 Regional Conventions, we are able to offer them $200 off a Full Delegate Pass registration (over 25% off the $795 ticket price).

Workshop Proposal Form

  • Please list any organization, affiliation, or credentials. (This includes BBBS agency name.)
  • Please note any social media platforms you are on, as well as your handles
  • Please provide an explanation of relevant past experience in organizing workshops and/or speaking on the subject matter you have selected.
  • Please suggest a concise, attention getting title for your workshop.
  • Please identify the Strategic Pillar, with which your workshop topic aligns.
  • Explain how your workshop relates to the afore-selected Vision 2020 Strategic Pillar(s).
  • When would you like to host this workshop? (See Agenda in the Request for Workshop Proposals package for potential timeslots, and note we cannot guarantee selections.)
  • Please write a short description of your workshop for the selection committee, which is no more than 250 words in length. Answer the following questions: What is your workshop’s main goal? Who is your intended audience? What form will this workshop take? What activities will be involved?
  • Please list any materials (e.g. audiovisual materials) you may use for the workshop and any items you will need supplied for you as well as items participants should bring with them.