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A&M’s Giving Back Program is committed to developing and supporting the charitable interests of our communities by providing employees with volunteer opportunities and channeling our contributions to local and national charity organizations. It aims to mutually benefit A&M employees and the communities they serve, and demonstrate our appreciation as a firm to the communities that support us.

“Big Brothers Big Sisters changed my life completely. Seeing the impact that it had on my life, I wanted to make that impact with another person too.”

Kyler, Former Little Brother and now Big Brother to Tyler

“He’s always been there for me – I talk to him more than I talk to most of my relatives who live in the same town, even though I now live 1,500 kilometres away. It’s very hard to find someone who is genuinely happy for you when you succeed and sad for you when you fail and not the other way around – that’s the way it’s been with Andy.”

Chris, Former Little Brother and Alumni member

“So much can be accomplished through mentoring. For example, a child will feel motivated to do better at school or play sports or take on an extra-curricular activity because they have a Big Brother or Big Sister encouraging them.”

Marleen, Brothers Big Sisters Donor