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Imagine Who A Young Person Can Become Because Of You

Across Canada, Big Brothers Big Sisters helps 41,800 children and youth develop the confidence to achieve more through mentoring.

Mentors help kids build self-esteem and life skills.
They promote positive values like courage, integrity, and responsibility.
They act as an advocate and source of support.

Mentoring has a BIG impact. Every dollar spent on Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring generates a $18 return on investment through better school, employment, health and civic engagement outcomes for kids.

“[My Big Sister] Avery has helped me through a lot of hard times. My mom passed away. She was there for me. When we first met, I was sad, I was lonely, and she helped me through that… If it wasn’t for Avery I wouldn’t be here today.
– Alana

“Big Brothers Big Sisters, for me personally as a Little Brother and now as a Big Brother, has changed my life completely. Seeing the impact that it had on my life, I wanted to make that impact with another person too.”

There are hundreds of thousands of children and youth waiting for someone to believe in them.

Imagine who they will become because of you.

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