In November 2016, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (BBBSC), in collaboration with the Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP) and the Ontario Mentoring Coalition (OMC), brought together youth serving organizations, mentoring leaders, funders and various Government representatives for a one-day Canadian Mentoring Leadership Summit held in Banff, Alberta. During this summit the foundation was laid for the development of the Canadian Mentoring Partnership (CMP), a coalition of organizations committed to expanding and improving the use of mentoring to help youth fulfill their potential.

The formation of the CMP also reflects the interest of government, provincial, regional, and local community agencies in working collaboratively to address gaps in mentoring for Canada’s young people.

The Objectives of CMP are to:

  • Discuss emergent trends, challenges, successes, innovative practices and collaborative
    opportunities with regards to mentoring;
  • Expand the knowledge base about mentoring and the importance of supporting
  • Serve as a voice for the mentoring community across the country;
  • Increase information, current research, emerging trends and accessibility to mentoring
    organizations as well as those organizations providing mentoring services;
  • Share strategies, disseminate information and increase awareness of mentoring in
    Canada; and
  • Develop and implement a strategic plan to enhance mentoring within Canada.

This partnership is seeking a Research Professional and/or firm to design, implement and assess a large scale research project around the state of Mentoring in Canada by mapping the mentoring experiences of young people and capturing the landscape of mentoring programs/ services in Canada.