January is Mentoring Month

January is #MentoringMonth across Canada – and throughout North America!

Help us spread the word about the power of mentoring and the difference it makes in the lives of young people – and their mentors.

Please volunteer or share your mentoring story today.


Are you a mentor?

January 4, 2019 is I Am a Mentor Day

A day for volunteer mentors to be proud and reflect on the ways mentees have enhanced their world. Your civic engagement makes a difference and can inspire others to mentor in real life! Join the #IAmAMentor campaign and tell us why you mentor. Tag us (@bbbsc) on social media.

Share this: January is #MentoringMonth! I’m proud to be a @BBBSC Mentor and grateful to the mentors in my life. #IAmAMentor #StartMentoring.

Are you a mentoring or youth-serving organization?

Get your staff and supporters and clients involved

  • Encourage mentors to share their #IAmAMentor story on January 4th AND reach out to youth in your programs to remind them to #ThankYourMentor on January 31st.
  • Email your community and corporate partners, as well as your current mentors and alumni and ask them to support and promote mentoring this January – online and within their networks. They want to champion you and support mentoring – you need to give them the chance!
  • Earned Media is still a great way to get the word out. Write an op-ed or press release or invite your local media to any of your events where they can speak with mentors, mentees, or donors.
  • Getting your locally elected officials to engage with the #MentoringMonth campaign is a great way to raise awareness for your program, connect with funders, and get the attention of media outlets. Tag them on social media or invite them to an event.

Have you had a mentor in your life? Are you a mentee?

January 31, 2019 is #ThankYourMentor Day

Anyone with real life mentoring experiences can thank those who helped them on their path. Post your story online with hashtag #ThankYourMentor.

Your mentoring story can inspire others to mentor in real life! Simply take a picture or video with a message about your mentor and then share with us (@BBBSC) on social media.