National Convention 2021

JUNE 2, 9, 16, 23, 2021

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada’s 2021 National Convention will be fully virtual and feature weekly content, videos, interviews and panels. National and local staff, board members and thought leaders meet to providing input into and understanding of our new strategic pillars of Innovation, Growth, and Engagement which will enable us all to fulfill our mission and ignite the full potential in Canada’s youth.

What to Expect

The first 3 days (June 2, 9, 16) will be based around one of our three strategic pillars: Engagement, Innovation, and Growth. The final day (June 23) will be a Leadership Summit revolving around organizational governance. The structure for each day will consist of a Plenary Chat & Panel discussion, plus various themed workshops targeting staff roles.

  • A plenary Keynote in the form of a fireside chat format (a host and guest speaker)
  • A plenary panel discussion (a facilitator and several participants)
  • In the afternoon, delegates will break out into various workshops focusing on activating concepts shared in the plenary.
  • These workshops will be targeted to staff roles: leadership, marketing and fundraising, and Service Delivery staff.

Each day will end in a Wrap up, followed by optional networking opportunities.

Throughout the event, youth delegates will add reflections on the events from their perspective.


The authentic inclusion and participation of diverse people, communities, partners and stakeholders to enable life changing mentoring relationships. WHY IS ENGAGEMENT MORE IMPORTANT NOW THAN EVER? Working together and with community leads to relevant and inclusive services for BBBS Mentees and Mentors. Day 1 is about unlocking how we can be bigger and better together. Kicking off with a powerful keynote, followed by interactive panel discussions and break-out sessions, we will explore the strength of working together as a network and with community. Together, we will discuss why it is important to build with and through the lens of Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity, unpack approaches to strategic partnership development, and dive into how we can leverage our collective assets to advocate for the increasing need of BBBS mentoring programs. You will leave Day 1 feeling more connected to our collective journey.


The successful identification and implementation of ideas that are crucial to improving processes, increasing efficiencies, and strengthening BBBS program outcomes. WHY IS INNOVATION MORE IMPORTANT NOW THAN EVER? We need to evolve how we work and think to meet the evolving needs of BBBS Mentees and Mentors. Day 2 is about unlocking a growth mindset. Kicking off with an inspirational keynote, followed by interactive panel discussions and break-out sessions, we will strengthen our collective vision on the horizon. Together, we will discuss how to enhance programs for impact, explore how to harness technology, and plan how to elevate our position as an essential service. You will leave Day 2 feeling motivated to lead locally with a modernized approach.


The process of expanding programs and designing new structures, internally and externally, that enhance the quality and sustainability of BBBS mentoring services. WHY IS GROWTH MORE IMPORTANT NOW THAN EVER? We need to grow the depth of our impact to meet the evolving needs of the federation and of BBBS Mentees and Mentors. Day 3 is about unlocking how to design an organization that enables growth. Kicking off with an informative keynote, followed by interactive panel discussions and break-out sessions, we will discuss why it is important to strengthen our collective foundation. Together, we will unpack BBBS’s network structure, discuss how we can evolve our quality assurance, and learn how to harness data to seize new opportunities. You will leave Day 3 feeling more empowered by our collective strength.

You will be invigorated by the stories that bring the vision of Big Brothers Big Sisters to life, and the opportunity to meet and collaborate virtually with your colleagues. Please join us as we live into our mission to enable life-changing mentoring relationships that ignite the power and potential of young people.

2021 National Convention will include:

  • A youth delegation including our National Youth Mentoring Advisory Council
  • Keynotes and panels with industry experts
  • Breakout discussions with colleagues based on the strategic pillars
  • Celebration of Mentoring Virtual Gala
  • BBBSC’s Annual General Meeting
  • Ice breakers, photo booths, give aways and lots of other surprises


Date & Venue


June 2,9,16,23, 2021