Dana and Kiley have been matched together since November 2016. They initially met at a Big Brothers Big Sisters photoshoot for Indigenous mentors and mentees and they instantly hit it off. They were matched together soon after.

Dana is a proud Cree/Metis woman and shares her culture and knowledge with Kiley. She has introduced Kiley to powwow dancing and has even taken time out of her busy schedule to make regalia for Kiley to wear. This summer they attended powwows in Saskatoon and across Saskatchewan. Kiley loves dancing and has found a new passion in powwow dancing.

In addition to dancing at powwows, they enjoy swimming, biking, painting, and sharing stories. One of their favorite activities is enjoying a nice meal together at their favorite restaurant, Boston Pizza. They enjoy chatting about their lives, planning for future hang outs and activities to do together, and learn more about each other.

Dana and Kiley love spending time together and they have a strong relationship that will continue for years to come.