My experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters has been generally positive. I find the most memorable moments happens during in person meetings, conventions, and events. It is so hard to choose just one – so I’d love to tell you about three.

The first moment was during my first year speaking at Big Brothers Big Sisters’ National Convention. I remember standing on stage and it was such an empowering moment, but I also noticed the gender, age and diversity gap.

it made me sad but also it was empowering and motivating to help support change and to see the growth in Big Brothers Big Sisters regarding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

A professional memorable moment happened one year at National convention. I ran into a Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada staff member in the hotel hallway. We ended up talking for over an hour about equal Mentorship and its value and influence in everyday life.

...each year I grow, and my ideologies and value evolve.

A friendship memorable moment happened at Big Brothers Big Sisters Convention. We would always have a “youth retreat” area that we could go and relax or hangout with each other. During this refresher we would always come down to raw and authentic conversations with one another. The Blue Jays game was also awesome!

Every year since turning 19, I have spent my birthday at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Convention.

It is almost symbolic in the sense that each year I grow, and my ideologies and value evolve. That young adult evolution has been influenced by Big Brothers Big Sisters from professional development to personal to a point that my birthdays have been spent with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

The topics and conversations that happen whether it is hard, challenging, and difficult, funny and light-hearted, raw and real or random and passionate – It influences the way I communicate and see the world around me. It’s the topics and conversations that I have with local and national staff, the National Youth Advisory Council (NYMAC) and other youth and that I can take into my daily learning and growth.

Thank you to Canadian Heritage for supporting this project.