It has been a very rich experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters. I have learned a lot about leadership skills and the value of being a good role model. The opportunities that I have had during my time as a mentor has made my time with Big Brothers Big Sisters very valuable.

My most memorable moment would have to be an email I received through my caseworker from the parent of the little who I was mentoring at the time, detailing how he had struggled going to school but my presence once a week made that day a lot more bearable for him.

I was able to participate in an “orange negotiation” activity, and through it I learned the importance of attention to detail and clear definition of needs, so that more streamlined conversations to find solutions can be had.

Out of the box thinking may take more time, which can be frustrating at times, but it could be the difference between a “good enough” solution and “great” solution. I have used this idea to improve my critical thinking and relational skills.