Celebrating Black History Month



During Black History Month, we recognize the incredible contributions of our Afro-Indigenous mentors in Canada. They represent a unique blend of African and Indigenous heritage, shaping our nation’s diverse fabric for over 400 years. Whether it’s through art, culture, education, volunteerism or activism, Afro-Indigenous individuals have left their mark.

Afro-Indigenous is a broad term encompassing diverse backgrounds. Some identify as Jamaican and Cree, Ethiopian and Anishinaabe, or Black and Mi’kmaq. It all began with the children of enslaved Black and Indigenous couples, and their stories reflect a history of resilience and unity. Afro-Indigenous history involves stories of escape from slavery, seeking refuge in Indigenous communities, and the unique blend of cultures that emerged. However, a lack of research has made their stories somewhat invisible to many Canadians.

Today, you can change this with your individual curiosity and exploration. For a deeper dive please check out these sites:

When we explore these resources with an open mind and a commitment to understanding the diverse histories and experiences within the Afro-Indigenous community in Canada, we embrace our collective history.

Each youth we serve through mentoring programs has diverse experiences and unique needs. Your donation means that individuals who share a common bond are matched. Volunteer adult mentors help each child reach their full potential, building connections one moment at a time.