Humans are deeply social by nature. Drawing on scores of psychological and sociological studies, many researchers are asserting that living a life steeped in face-to-face contact and physical proximity with others is the key to health, while isolation and loneliness is a risk to both physical and mental health. These are powerful sentiments that validate the essential service that Big Brothers Big Sisters provides across communities. Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring can have a profound impact on both Mentees and Mentors.

“One of the most important things Jose taught me was to be a good listener,” says Maz. “I’m an extrovert. And with Jose, I learned to really listen to another human. It’s one of the most important skills.”
– Maz, Volunteer Big Brother

Big Brothers Big Sisters program evaluations repeatedly tell us that our Mentees are happier, healthier and more committed to learning because of their Mentors. But Big Brothers Big Sisters also has an impact on our adult, volunteer Mentors. We know our programs support the growth, happiness and success of our volunteers. Big Brothers Big Sisters has hundreds of testimonials from volunteer Mentors describing how beneficial mentoring was for them personally and professional as they acquired new skills, expanded their perspective, tried new things and felt good about giving back to their community.

“Big Brothers Big Sisters has allowed me to explore myself along with all the people I meet through different trainings and experiences. I think it is a really underrated organization, I love sharing my experiences with Big Brothers Big Sisters with my peers and I hope everyone can see the potential in mentoring so Big Brothers Big Sisters can keep impacting those around them.”
– Katie, Volunteer Big Sister (2021)

The power and potential of Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring is bidirectional and mutually beneficial to the health and well-being of both Mentee and Mentor. We encourage all Canadians to consider volunteering to become a Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor. The experience is bound to shape you and reward you in BIG and valuable ways.