Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada launched its Mentorship Equals campaign this September. We reached out to a member of our National Youth Mentorship Advisory Council to get a first-hand account from a member to talk about what mentorships equals to them. The following is from Henry Glover, based in Alberta.

Hey, my name is Henry Grover and I have been involved with the BBBS mentoring movement for 3 years. I’ve been on the National Youth Mentorship and Advisory Council (NYMAC) for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada for 2 of those 3 years.

Being a mentor has brought upon so many positive changes in my life. Mentoring has taken me by a landslide. Being able to not only support someone else but also healing my wounds by doing so, has showed me a different perspective on life. It’s a simple as playing basketball with my Little, throwing around a football, watching a movie or simply having a conversation. Anyone can be a mentor. All it takes is a reply, or someone to lend out a hand if someone needs it. You don’t need anything fancy to become a mentor; all you need to do is be present in someone’s life. It doesn’t have to come at a cost. You will truly find enjoyment and inner peace out of fostering a relationship with a Little.

NYMAC - Henry Grover

Henry Grover,
NYMAC Member

Starting out I was nervous as per usual. I decided to become fully invested in what I was doing. I was there for my Little on a regular basis. Although we experienced our fair share of struggles, as all human connections do, we still have had so many fun times, shared laughs, and too many unforgettable memories to count. The staff at the local agency was there to support us both.

Throughout our time as a match, we’ve celebrated so many milestones. The most recent one being him completing his grade 8 school year on the Honour Roll! When my Little was given his certificate at his school’s award night ceremony recently, it was a proud moment for his family and I, as his Big Brother. This is among other things such as him starting out his amateur to professional boxing journey, being Mr. Popular at school and among his peers, and building better relationships with the people especially close in his life. I am extremely proud of my Little Brother and all of his accomplishments he has made throughout our short period of two years together. Though we are no longer matched through this program as he has graduated from it, we will always be friends. I will always be his “Big Brother”. I am excited to see what else my Little will accomplish throughout the rest of his life!

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