Harnessing the Power of Physical Activity



A Rowing Journey that Transformed My Mental Health and Shaped My Career in Accounting
Declan Sander, NYMAC Member

Declan Sander, NYMAC Member

Physical activity has long been recognized as a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, offering numerous benefits to our bodies and minds. I have discovered the power of exercise through the sport of rowing. I can attest to its profound positive impact on mental well-being and professional development. Rowing has improved my mental health and played a significant role in shaping my career in accounting.

  1. The Power of Physical Activity: Regular physical activity is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise releases endorphins, often called “feel-good” hormones, which help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. Physical activity enhances cognitive function, improves sleep patterns, boosts self-confidence, and strengthens the immune system.
  2. Rowing, A Transformative Journey: Rowing has significantly impacted my life through discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. It requires a harmonious synchronization of mind and body, fostering mental fortitude and resilience.
  3. Mental Health Benefits of Rowing: Rowing offers a unique blend of physical exertion and mental focus, making it a powerful tool for maintaining mental well-being. Accomplishment and camaraderie from rowing further contributes to improved self-esteem and a positive outlook.
  4. Transferable Skills and Career Development: Engaging in rowing, emphasizing teamwork, discipline, and a goal-oriented mindset, has undoubtedly influenced my professional journey in accounting. The skills developed on the water have seamlessly translated into the workplace.
  5. Time Management and Goal Setting: Rowing demands high commitment and time management. Balancing training sessions, academic pursuits, and other responsibilities taught me to prioritize tasks effectively and manage my time efficiently. These skills have proven indispensable in my accounting career.
  6. Resilience and Perseverance: Rowing has instilled a tenacious spirit, enabling me to tackle professional challenges.

In conclusion, the importance of physical activity cannot be overstated. Engaging in regular exercises, such as rowing, not only improves our physical health but also profoundly impacts our mental well-being.

Written by Declan Sander
NYMAC Member

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