NYMAC’s 2023 Annual Meeting and the New Partnership with Mercedes-Benz Canada



From November 17th to 19th the National Youth Mentoring Advisory Council’s (NYMAC) held their annual gathering in Toronto.

As a group of volunteers living across Canada, we looked forward to our in-person gathering. That sense of community and co-creating something for the greater good fuels us and our passion for the mentoring movement. Our expectations for what we would accomplish were amplified, and the weekend did not disappoint.

During the 2023 Annual NYMAC meeting, we meticulously laid the groundwork for profoundly important discussions. We conducted specialized workshops to sharpen our focus and redefine the goals of the subcommittees: Governance, Media, Project Development, Research & Evaluation. Through extensive dialogue, we began developing a comprehensive workplan we are eager to finalize and implement in 2024, working alongside the team at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada and their mission.

This meeting also marked a significant milestone, with the introduction of Mercedes-Benz Canada (MBC) as the new title sponsor of NYMAC’s work. As part of the Driving Your Future initiative that aims to advance social change by empowering the next generation of Canadians through mentorship, Mercedes-Benz Canada has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (BBBSC) to ignite the potential of Canada’s youth through the power of mentorship.

Mercedes-Benz Canada’s involvement was pivotal to the success of this productive gathering. Our collaborative efforts extended beyond the meeting room, as evidenced by our strategic sessions held at Sunny’s Chinese, where meaningful conversations with MBC unfolded. We were rewarded for our hard work with an unforgettable meal prepared by award winning Michelin Young Chef David Schwartz and his team.

Together, we strategized on how to leverage our unique positions within the council to broaden our outreach and enhance the positive impact of mentorship initiatives on a national scale. Additionally, MBC played a crucial role in planning the weekend, not only providing transportation but also access to their state-of-the-art training facility. This all further enriched our experience and facilitated the seamless execution of our objectives for our planning.

Written by NYMAC members:

NYMAC - Yasmine Elmi

Yasmine Elmi

NYMAC - Donovan Wyand

Donovan Wyand

NYMAC - David Awosoga

David Awosoga

NYMAC Mercedes-Benz Canada and BBBSC brainstorming at Sunnys Chinese

We benefitted from several engaging sessions with business and brand experts. We also heard from exceptional talent including creative professional and social media influencer Pat Greenall, who offered insights on refining NYMAC’s national media plan. Additionally, we connected with professional race car drivers Demi Chalkias and Marc Lafleur, who shared their personal stories of perseverance and how mentorship shaped them and their careers. Both Demi and Marc continue to inspire Canadian youth to pursue their dreams. Ultimately the collaboration between MBC and NYMAC, bolstered by the weekend’s collective efforts, has energized the council’s pursuit of its three core objectives: engage in meaningful ambassadorship, provide support to BBBS National and regional offices, and mobilize partnerships. This partnership marks a promising step forward in NYMAC’s vision for the voice of youth to authentically inform the work of Big Brothers Big Sisters across Canada.

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NYMAC Mercedes-Benz Canada and BBBSC Team Building with Marc Lafleur and Demi Chalklias