Report Shows That Youth Need Us More Than Ever



Over 1000 Canadian youth (15-30) were surveyed by Abacus Data and the findings give us insight into how youth are experiencing this pandemic. The report tell us that:

Younger youth feel angry and disappointed while older youth are feeling helpless and despaired

Many youth report feeling less joy or optimism than pre-pandemic

Many report that accessing their education is now more difficult and accessing support for their mental health is also more difficult

These youth are our future and they need us more than ever. This pandemic has caused fundamental shifts to education, employment, and financial situations for Canadian youth, but above all else it has fundamentally altered the structure of their young lives during their formative years; a time that is critical for healthy development and successful passage into adulthood. The report also explains that youth who live in lower income households across Canada are facing even greater challenges, reminding us that the toll of this pandemic is not equal across all populations.

In addition to negative impacts on mental health and education, we are learning that this pandemic is devesting and severing community bonds amongst young Canadians:

91% of youth reported feeling more disconnected from their community then pre-pandemic.

Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies across the country are responding and working to keep kids connected, working to prevent long-term negative health consequences. As toxic stress rises in homes across Canada, Big Brother Big Sister mentors are a lifeline for some kids, encouraging their mental well-being, their physical health and their engagement in their individual academic success.

The demand for our mentoring services – that are provided to families at no cost – has never been greater.

We need your support more than ever to reach all the youth out there that need us now.