On the Road with Jamil Jivani and the Pinball Clemons Foundation



Big Brothers Big Sisters is invested in building partnerships with young people from diverse communities – especially those who have historically experienced marginalization – so that they can lead the way, have their voices heard, and make positive changes in our communities.

To that end, we are partnering with author/activist Jamil Jivani and the Pinball Clemons Foundation on the Road Home, a series of talks aimed at raising awareness about the challenges facing Canadian youth and capturing best practices for empowering and supporting them.

Discussions between Big Brothers Big Sisters youth, mentors, and Jamil are taking place in Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, and Toronto in October-November 2018.

  • Vancouver (Oct 17-18)
  • Calgary (Oct 23)
  • Saskatoon (Nov 1-2)
  • Toronto (Nov 14-21)
  • Ottawa (Nov 22-23)
  • Halifax (Nov 28-29)

Learn more at www.roadhome.ca or follow #RoadHomeCanada on social media.