Scotiabank Thriving Communities Project continues to Ignite our Theory of Change



Scotiabank Thriving Communities Project continues to Ignite our Theory of Change

Scotiabank logoSince the launch of our National Theory of Change, an investment made by Scotiabank has fueled our ability to bring our theory to life with measurable outcomes.

Through Scotiabank, we have built our National Need Registry which helps us define and record the adversities faced by our families and Mentees. In year 2 of the project, we designed our Developmental Relationship volunteer training and case tools to measure the strength of BBBS mentoring relationships in partnership with the Search Institute.

In 2022, we designed an anonymous program evaluation survey to measure which skills have developed and grown because of the mentoring relationship. The 2022 pilot findings suggest that our new BIG 3 Growth Surveys provide a strong measure of our National outcomes and that they are sensitive enough to capture statistical improvements over time. Furthermore, findings from interviews and focus groups with Caregivers and Mentees who completed the surveys suggest that the surveys are easy to understand and straightforward to complete.

“These findings from our 2022 pilot give us great confidence in our newest Theory of Change measurement tool,” says Megan Vella, National Senior Director, Development and Impact. “The next step will be to have this tool available for use across our network of agencies late in 2023.”

Read our Annual Report to discover how national and community partners ignite the potential in children and youth across Canada through mentorship: