Ted Rogers Scholarships Invests in BBBS Youth Today to Help Them Reach their Peak Potential



Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada is grateful to Rogers for their support in helping to make our mission possible. Since 2017 Rogers has worked with our organization to inspire youth, create awareness for the mentoring movement and invest in the future of young Canadians.

This year also marks the 6th year since the Ted Rogers Scholarships was established to remove financial barriers to education. This investment is critical to help the youth of tomorrow succeed in their educational aspirations and reach their highest potential. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada has been one of the program’s partners since its inaugural year. Since then, more than 100 BBBS youth from across Canada have received scholarships. These scholarships have transformed their lives and presented them with opportunities to advance their learning and build a brighter future. While the youth still have to do all the hard work required to succeed, it is made easier by removing financial barriers to accessing post-secondary education.

“Receiving the Ted Rogers Scholarship has empowered me and brought me a joy that I can’t explain. It gave me a stronger drive and stronger passion. It made me really excited that someone believed in me as much as I believed in myself,” says Emmanuel A., Simon Fraser University student and past scholarship recipient. [source: youtube]

“Art is my voice and passion. I hope to have an impact on the art community and help people turn their dreams into reality. The Ted Rogers Scholarship will allow me to concentrate on my academics and work even harder to attain my goals,” says Vanessa Le, a Little from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Moncton, New Brunswick. She added that it will relieve her of unnecessary stress from financial burden and allow her to thrive during her university years.

Along with Vanessa, this year’s roster of BBBS recipients from the Class of 2022 includes:

Makala LopezBig Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area
Do Mai Vy (Vanessa) LeBig Brothers Big Sisters of Moncton
Sarah WangBig Brothers of Greater Vancouver
Will HatchBig Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria and Area
Madison KhashanBig Brothers Big Sisters of Langley
Myah LothianBig Brothers Big Sisters of Langley
Sydney RumpliBig Brothers Big Sisters of Central Plains
Anjali SinghBig Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John
Emma RobertsBig Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester
Emily CrosbyBig Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester
Aisha MirBig Brothers Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton
Melissa ManichanhBig Brothers Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton
Anesu NyereyemhukaBig Brothers Big Sisters of Peel/York
Maryam EsttaifoBig Brothers Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton
Emma BrownBig Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto
Yiyang ZhangBig Brothers Big Sisters of West Island
Trinady Wernikowski SiroisBig Brothers Big Sisters of Outaouais

We are particularly thankful to Rogers for their unwavering support during the pandemic which ensured that the significance and necessity of our work could continue to be brought to life, even in the face of new adversity.

“We’re deeply grateful to have support of Rogers,” says Jennifer Arp, Interim President and CEO. “We thank Rogers for their ongoing partnership as together we build a brighter future for children and youth in Canada, one relationship at a time.”