Can you imagine a future where every child has someone to turn to? Someone who’s there to listen, to inspire, to encourage? That future can start taking shape today. For Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, the giving season is a time to uplift. It’s a moment of promise and the most pivotal fundraising event of our calendar. It’s the time when compassionate hearts across Canada beat as one, rallying to assure children don’t have to face the world’s vastness alone.

Let me tell you about a 12-year old child receiving mentoring support. Their name is Fae, from Ingersoll, Ontario.

Fae is grateful to you and to others like you for being a Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada supporter. The mentorship program has been a really important part of Fae’s life. Fae is grateful for generous people like you who donate to make sure kids get the help they need through Big Brothers Big Sisters in communities across Canada.

You see, Fae used to have a really hard time with bullies. Fae also struggled with other stuff going on in their life, and with their speech impediment. When we connected with Fae, they shared that they never really had a lot of confidence. They were cared to try new things because they didn’t know what people would think about them.

Last year alone, caring community members like you helped over 25,000 children and youth like Fae tap into the resilience-building resources offered by Big Brothers Big Sisters. And you helped us recruit, train, and support the more than 15,000 adult volunteers who work with mentees across the country. But our mission is far from over: there are more than 10,000 kids on the waiting list right now, and this is your opportunity to show up for them.

Little Mentee Fae

“I know that if I am confident, I can do anything.”

Fae’s mother Patricia recalls when her child was first matched with their mentor 2 years ago. Patricia can’t even begin to tell you how much this program has changed their life. Patricia has watched her child reach their full potential in ways she never thought possible. She will never be able to express how grateful she is. Your generosity is the reason Fae had this opportunity. Patricia is thankful to you for believing in her child’s potential.

Fae’s Big Sister helped them with their speech impediment and she talked to Fae about feelings. She taught Fae to be more confident, resilient, to be themself, and to not be afraid of bullies. Fae has grown so much. Fae is thankful to have a Big Sister – and thankful for you. If you can, please make a donation right now. Your donation gets waiting children one step closer to resilience and confidence.

Kids like Fae and parents like Patricia need you. Give today, so others don’t have to wait to ignite their full potential.